Urban planning services

Environmental urbanism is a discipline that focuses on the design and planning of urban spaces in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Its main objective is to create urban environments that promote people’s quality of life and the conservation of natural resources.
The urban planning services that we offer cover all aspects of the design, planning and management of urban spaces in all their variants.

We focus on the following services:

  • Preparation of strategic plans for urban development. General planning and development planning; Partial plans, detailed studies, subdivisions, implementation studies.
  • Planning, design and updating of transport systems. Investigation of urban mobility problems and development of viable solutions.
  • Design of public spaces.
  • Drafting of regulations that regulate the construction, use and maintenance of urban spaces.
  • Evaluation and management of conflicts related to urban planning.
  • Urban management; Compensation projects, reparcelling, normalization of farms, expropriation projects.
In this way, the Origen Solutions team has urban planners, architects and other interested parties to develop strategies that are specialized in the incorporation of sustainable designs and the creation of green areas and natural capital.