environmental law

In the last 30 years, we have witnessed an increase in the technical complexity of environmental regulation. As a result, a legal specialization of this field has emerged. At Origin Solutions, we offer a variety of services that are summarized below:
  • Technical-legal advice on environmental matters.
  • Preparation of regulations and related reports.
  • Voluntary agreements in the environmental field.
  • Advice and legal defense in environmental cases. Civil/commercial, contentious-administrative and criminal jurisdiction.
  • Preparation of resources.
  • Advice and analysis of environmental liabilities, including environmental insurance, sales processes, dismantling of facilities, feasibility studies, among others.
  • Intermediation in projects of high complexity and social response. Search for negotiated solutions.
  • Extensive specialization in environmental accidents and damage to the environment.
Our team of experts is trained to provide a comprehensive and professional approach in the legal-environmental field, providing solutions tailored to the needs of our clients.
We have a team of lawyers and experts that allow us to offer an integrated solution to the client.