Our experience

In today’s world, environmental protection has become an increasingly important concern. Companies, administrations and intersectoral organizations seek effective solutions to comply with environmental regulations and contribute to the conservation of the environment. At Origen Solutions we are a company specialized in environmental consulting and environmental law. We aim to offer comprehensive and customized solutions to our clients.

A team of highly qualified experts

At Origen Solutions, we believe that having a team of highly qualified experts is essential to offer personalized and quality services. Our team is made up of serious professionals with extensive experience in the field of environmental consulting and environmental law. Thanks to our knowledge and commitment, we can guarantee rigorous and high-quality results in all our projects.

Our experience and implantation allows us to carry out work in the Iberian Peninsula and in Eurozone countries, such as Italy; although projects have been developed on an ad hoc basis in South America and the Middle East.

Company divisions

At Origen Solutions, we focus on four main business areas: environmental consulting, environmental law, urban planning and on-demand training. These three divisions allow us to comprehensively address the challenges and needs of our clients. In addition, we have strategic partners that allow us to offer customized solutions to clients in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the environment.